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Why You Need a Platform: 

To succeed as an author and a speaker, you need what the publishers call a “platform”. That means you’re already getting noticed in the world as a subject matter expert.
Remember when you were 16 and couldn't get a job without experience, but you couldn't get experience without a job?  It's like that. Publishers love authors who are successful speakers and/or have lots of media exposure. Meeting planners (the people who hire speakers) love speakers who are authors. The public wants to buy from you, but they first have to know you exist and how your content will help them. None of them can buy anything from you unless they can find you. The important first step is to realize you want to become an expert in “information content selling” through all methods and media available.  We are leaders in this paradigm shift, and specialize in helping you differentiate yourself to achieve your highest professional goals.

Some experts believe that unless at least 150,000 people are exposed to you, your name or your message at least every three months, it will be next to impossible to achieve high levels of success in our information-overloaded world. Let’s begin collecting your audience now.

It's nearly impossible to get all the pieces of the puzzle together by yourself.  You may be an expert in your subject matter, get paid to speak now and then, maybe even have a book published, but can you say with confidence that you have marketed yourself to the highest level of your ability? There are SO many innovative ways we can help you get noticed. Our goal is to help our clients truly stand out from the crowd - seize your well-deserved “15 minutes of fame” - and experience the wealth (in every sense of the word) that comes from knowing you’re making a difference in the world.
Our practical, proven methods can help you build your market in these vital ways:
Media Exposure
Print (magazines and newspapers – articles by or about you and your message)
Radio (being a radio show guest or host)
Television (having your own show, your own infomercial or being a guest)
 Published Book 
Strengthen your proposed book content to improve salability
Develop a finely-tuned book proposal to attract editors and/or literary agents
Manage any writers, editors or researchers needed to create a powerful book
Assist in the placement of the book worldwide
Internet Presence and Profits
Website writing and development
Web graphic design
Web marketing
Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
Building a “house list” of devoted fans – to sell your book/products
Blogging (what it is and how to do it)
E-zines and newsletters

Product Sales and Revenues
          Design, develop, create and SELL audio products (CDs and MP3s)
          Design, develop, create and SELL online teaching/consulting/training
          Design, develop, create and SELL written content (all forms and formats)
          Marketing materials (direct mail, internet/email campaigns) 
Speaking For Money
Develop a great speech
Refine and hone a great speech
Design, develop and, create cutting edge speaker marketing tools
Sell your speaking engagements
Increase your speaking fees
Coordinate product sales with speaking
Manage your speaking schedule

We help you create these primary components of an “Information Empire”: Book, Radio, Print, Television, Internet, Speaking and Product Sales. Just add your charisma and your wealth of wisdom!
Maybe you’re asking some typical questions: These components of success sound like a lot of work!  How do I start? What do I do first? Why not just let the publisher do all that? How about waiting until I get on Oprah and then just seeing what happens after that? What’s the best use of my time and energy? Isn’t there a “straight and narrow” superhighway to get me there without waste? Can’t someone help me cut right to the things that give the most leverage for the time and money spent? Eventually, you'll come to realize you are going to need some assistance.
We can help you find the most straightforward path to achieving your goals.
We offer two programs to help you:
In our "Total Career Management" program, potential clients begin with an extensive intake screening process.  We will evaluate your proposed topic against market conditions, your expertise, your eagerness to learn and most of all, your personality. If accepted, we'll give you everything we’ve got - heart, soul, skills, support and brainpower included.
The "Learn and Earn" progam offers a systematic coaching program with other students.  You will be guided, supported and taught how to “do-it-yourself” every step of the way. Learn and Earn participants can add on “a la carte” services for parts they don’t want to do or skip portions they've already achieved (for instance, if you already have a strong-selling published book).
Whichever program you choose, we’ll help build your empire from scratch or just fill in the gaps so you have a smooth, effective, money-making, attention-attracting prestige machine when we’re done.
How to choose the program that’s right for you:
  • If you think knowledge is power, you might be a Learn and Earn client.
  • If you think like Henry Ford who said, "I need not know every answer myself. I can push a button and summon an expert in any situation,” then you’re a good candidate for the TCM program.
  • If you have a strong need to understand the process of building your speaking/publishing/information content selling empire, you’re probably a Learn and Earn client.
  • If you have a strong need to focus on your area of expertise and let someone else do what they do best, you’re a strong candidate for the TCM program.

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